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Spread Aeria’s Facebook

Aeria is making some changes to their Facebook Fan Page and needs your help to Spread it!

Earn 50 AP per verified submission by spreading the link to the Aeria Games Facebook Fan Page. The link to use is:

Go on forums, Facebook pages with lots of fans (must be gaming related and public), Q&A sites and blogs, to post something about Aeria Games in a fair unbiased way. You need to write 50 words or more and include “Aeria Games” and the link provided above. You must not deliberately spam! Posting to non-relevant fan pages, forums, sites, conversations — please use common sense and respect the rules of the sites where you post.

There is no limit per day for this event but see below for policies regarding spamming online social networking accounts*.
You must use the link provided.
You must obey the posting rules and policies of both Spread Aeria and the sites you use. The best way to do this is to help someone out by answering a question, making a good suggestion, and then drop your link and Aeria related text.

Please make your submissions to the Online Submission Form located here. You must provide all the information required. Select “Aeria Facebook” for the event name.

Please refer to the previous announcement for Spread MA for tips on how to make your submissions and how to use the Submission Form.

*You may not post to OFFICIAL Aeria sites, Facebook Pages, forums, blogs or this Spread Aeria blog — this will not count.
*You may not post to MMOhut, Onrpg, or PerfectWorld
*You may not private message or direct message anyone on FB or Twitter — this is not a valid submission because it’s annoying to the recipient, and we cannot verify it.
*You may not spam a populated Facebook fan page’s wall more than once. Please be sure to submit the URL to the post, NOT the wall. If you try to submit more than one URL from the same Facebook fan page, you will be disqualified (there are a lot of pages so you should not be “running out” of places to post)
*You may not spam your own Twitter account more than once per day unless you have 200 Followers or more. If you have the minimum number of followers, you can post up to 3 times per day.
*You may not spam your own Facebook account more than once per day unless you have 400 Friends or more. If you have the minimum number of Friends, you can post up to 2 times per day.
*You may not spam your own blog more than once per day.

Starts: NOW.
Ends: Monday, January 24 Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 9pm PST
*Ending date extended

AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days. Be sure to input your Aeria username on the submission form correctly or you won’t receive AP.
If you abuse this event and spam your own accounts too much and submit them, you will be disqualified from this event.


Spread Metal Assault!

The Spread Aeria Team Online Submission Form is open to receive submissions for our latest event, “Spread Metal Assault”!

In case you don’t know, Metal Assault is a fun, fast-paced 2-D MMO shooting game that will soon be making its way to our growing list of games! You can sign up at:

Post to your Twitter, Facebook and a gaming blog, website or forum ONCE per day and get 50

AP per post! That’s 150 AP per day you can potentially earn leading up to the Metal Assault Closed Beta this spring! Start spreading it today for a nice Springtime payout!

You need at least 50 Facebook friends in order to participate via Facebook posts.
You need at least 15 Twitter friends in order to participate via Twitter posts.

If you are NOT on Twitter, you may submit up to 1 additional post at a unique game website, blog or forum per day.

In your posts, you must include one or both links to the game:
Metal Assault Official Page:
Metal Assault announcement page:
(URLs have been shortened to help you save space for Twitter and Facebook)

You need to write at least 50 words for blog, website, forum posts.
You need to write something in addition to the link for Twitter and Facebook posts (“Aeria Games to release Metal Assault this spring!”).

Be sure to mention “Aeria Games”, “Metal Assault”, and something catchy that describes the game, like “New 2-D MMO Shooter” or similar wording.

Verification & Awarding:
We will verify submissions made to the Online Submission Form only. When Metal Assault goes into Closed Beta (CB), we will award the total amount of AP due in 7-10 business days.
If you want an update on how much AP you will be awarded prior to the Metal Assault CB, please send an email (up to once a week) to (please make the subject “Spread MA Points”).

The Online Submission Form:
For this event, we will only accept submissions made via the Online Submission Form. Go to the form here:
(Form login info: Username: “” Password: “m3talFTW”, characters are case-sensitive)
-Be sure to fill out ALL the required information: “Post name” is the name you used for writing your forum/blog/website comment OR your Facebook/Twitter account name. Your “Aeria Username” must be provided in a different field. “Link Used” must one of the two links provided above. Select the Event Name as “Spread MA”.
*If you cannot access the form, please send an email to

-URLs of Twitter and Facebook posts – Click the hyperlink “# minutes/hours ago” which appears when you make a Tweet or FB wall post/status update. That will take you to that post’s own page. Copy/Paste the URL of this new page into the Online Submission Form.
-Posts being deleted by site moderators – If you comment/post was deleted by a site/forum moderator/admin before we could check it, it will not count. It was probably deleted because it was spammy, non-relevant to the forum topic or other reasons.
-Links not working – Please check to make sure your link to where you made your post is working. If not, it will not count.
-Your website/blog/forum post is not visible to the public – Some forums require a login in order to view posts. If this is the case, your post cannot be easily verified and will not count. Post must be made to public places online.

-You MUST make your Facebook page visible to public so we can verify your posts.
-You may NOT make posts to MMOhut, PerfectWorld, or Onrpg’s forums.
-You may NOT make more than ONE post to your own blog or website.
-You may NOT spam other people with Tweets or Facebook messages.
-You may NOT post to Aeria Games official forums, the Spread Team Blog or to Aeria Games on Facebook or Twitter.

The above is subject to adjustments and changes as they are required.

New and Easy AP Earning Opportunity!

Check out this latest Spread Aeria Games Team Facebook discussion!

Spread It! Ministry of War now available Free to Play

Help spread this game on Facebook, gaming blogs and forums and Earn 1,000 Free AP!

Event Name: Spread MOW
Link to use:
Code to use for online submission form: MOW

You must:
1. Post to 10 unique websites, blogs with 25 words or more and include the link provided above in your posts.  You must include the words “Aeria Games”, and relevant words like “mmorts” “browser game” “real-time strategy game” that help describe MOW (repetition of the same words over and over is strictly forbidden)

Example text: MINISTRY OF WAR, Aeria’s newest addition to its free browser game portfolio, is (finally) available to play now!  It’s an epic MMORTS that allows you to select from several historical empires.  More info at

2. Submit where (URL) you made your post to the online submission form 

3. Posts must be made to relevant threads.  If you’re having trouble, try Googling Browser MMORTS, Browser games, etc.  

4. You must have 10 submissions done by January 4, 2011 21:00 PST.  Submissions will be verified and AP awarded within 1-2 weeks.

Please make your posts in ENGLISH.

*No submissions for Spread MOW will count towards SAT2011 Holidays event. 
*Posts must be new and cannot be counted as submissions if they are older than this discussion topic.
*You cannot post more than once to your own Facebook wall or any other page on Facebook.  You cannot post more than once to your own blog or website.  Please make each post to a different website or social network/platform. You cannot post to Twitter for this event.
**Please pay attention to the rules of Spread Aeria Team listed on the Spread Aeria Blog
***You may not post to,  When in doubt, please follow the rules of the site(s) you wish to post at.

SAT2011 Holidays | AP Event: Earn up to 2,011 Free AP!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

There are over 20 links about Aeria Games that we have prepared and would like you spread.

Spread well, and earn up to 2,011 AP to help get a jump start on your new year of gaming with Aeria!
  1. You must spread 10 different links (from the list provided here) to 10 unique places online: gaming news websites, gaming blogs, Facebook, forums, Q&A sites, tweets and social bookmarking sites. — You must write at least 50 words per post/comment and include mentioning of Aeria Games, MMORPG, and Online games. Please view this post about SPAM.
  2. You can only use a particular link and blog/forum ONCE. Please see below for more details.
  3. You must submit the URL where you made your post/comment to the Online Submission Form.  The URL must lead to your post exactly, not just to the home address of the site where you posted. *Please fill out ALL the necessary fields! Username: SAT123 Password: Temp123
  4. We will check your submissions.  If 10 qualify, you will make the list to receive 2,011 AP — if you qualify for less than 10, you will receive 50 AP per verified submission.
  5. You must finish your submissions by December 23, 2010 11:00pm PST in order to qualify.  Any late submissions will not count towards this event.

All AP will be verified and awarded as soon as possible, but in the case of many participants and submissions, this may take until, at the latest, the first 1-2 weeks of January, 2011.*Spread Aeria Team staff will be unavailable to respond to emails during December 26, 2010 to January 3, 2011 (the Online Submission Form will still be open to receive normal SAT submissions).

If you have not received any AP by January 14, that means that none of your submissions qualified.
Caution: There is a possibility your posts/comments will be deleted by forum/website admins, which we cannot verify nor control.  So, it is vital that you not only write relevant and informative comments, but also submit more than 10 submissions  just in case!  Making good comments and posts increases the chance yours will remain and be read by interested people!
Do not simply tell people to go to the link you provide — example: “Aeria Games has good MMO games and bad ones but it all depends on your tastes as a gamer.  You really oughta try them first so go to to learn more”.  We will not accept “canned” responses like this, even if the links used are different — this is just as bad as spamming.  Please add your thoughts to the topics at hand and allow readers to make their own decision about whether or not your post means anything and may click on your link to learn more.
We are trying to spread Aeria Games to a wide range of people so you must use 10 different links (links to 10 different games or locations provided in the list mentioned above) and not just 10 of the same game.
When posting to different sites:
Facebook: You CANNOT post 10 wall posts (even if links are different) to your own Facebook wall or other walls for this event’s submissions.  You also may NOT post to Aeria Games related FB pages listed on our fan page’s “Favorite Pages”.
Forums: You CANNOT post 10 comments to the same forum or the same thread for this event’s submissions. You CANNOT post to the Aeria Games official forums.  Also, the forums must be PUBLIC (we don’t need to register/login just to read your post).
Blogs: You CANNOT post 10 comments to your own blog for this event’s submission.  You CAN post comments on other people’s blogs so long as they allow comments to contain links and are not deleted (write well!).
Twitter: You CANNOT tweet 10 times with links for submission. You may only tweet ONCE and only if you have over 100 Followers.

If you have questions, please send email to

Spread Aeria Team reserves the right to change any of the above requirements and AP amounts without warning.

Tweets guidelines updated

In reaction to an alarming number of tweets being submitted by some members that are not providing a lot of value to the online community, we have decided it necessary to change the rules about earning AP via tweets.

Please refer to the recently added guidelines section for more info.

We came to this decision based on not-so-positive community reaction and readers’ interaction with our total number of tweets being sent out (via SAT and Aeria Twitter account) — we would like to focus on tweet quality from now on.

*Pending awards prior to this announcement will be payed at their original values but the new guidelines take effect as of the posting of this announcement.

Thanksgiving SPREAD Event!

This week is Thanksgiving!  On this occasion, we would like to offer the Spread Aeria Team this 4-day weekend a chance to earn some extra AP!

Starts: Now       Ends: December 1, 19:00 PST

What do I do!?

Part 1 — Facebook

  • a.  Go to Aeria Games’ Facebook related pages and “Like” them — the pages are listed on the bottom-left of our fan page‘s “Favorite Pages”.
  • b.  Pick one of those pages and write a wall post on your account with a link to the page, (copy/paste its URL).  Be sure to say a few words about the game!
  • c.  Copy/Paste the URL of your wall post into the Spread Aeria Team Online Submission form

Part 2 — Web

  • a.  Go to your favorite public gaming forum and join/start a discussion describing how thankful you are to be a part of Aeria’s great community!  Your post must be 25 words or more, and must contain “free mmorpg” or “online games” (no quotes).
  • b.  In your post, you must include a link to one of these games (use the links provided):-Caesary (please link to )-DDTank (please link to )-Lime Odyssey (please link to Blast (please link to )
  • c.  On the Online Submission Form, copy/paste the URL of your post into the form.*Do Part 2 at THREE different forums for a bonus!

Part 3 — Submitting

SAT Online Submission Form:

— form username is SAT1, password is “Temp123” (no quotes) —

  • 1.  When filling out the Online Submission Form, make sure to include your Aeria username AND name you used to post on a gaming forum! Or else, we can’t tell who to award!
  • 2.  For this event, please select “Facebook/Blog” as the submission type.
  • 3.  Please make sure your links work and your submitted URLs actually go to the right place! Pleaser refer to the most recent event on the discussion board about how to get your FB wall post’s URL!  For forum post URLs, the URL must be exact! (Example: not the URL to the first thread out of 100!)

What do I get!?

Reward: 150 Free AP for completing Parts 1 AND 2

*If you make three unique forum posts in Part 2, you can earn 250 Free AP! (you must do three!)

Please allow 1-2 weeks to be awarded.

FINAL STEP: Go to this FB discussion and leave a comment, “I’m Done!”


  • If you spam any forums and/or write less than 25 words for your posts, forget to include “free mmorpg” or “online games” you will NOT receive AP.
  • You may NOT post on,,