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Spread Aeria Team Rules

Please read this post before reading the below. If anything contradicts, please refer to the material below.
Relevancy to Gaming – All submissions must be about gaming.

No Duplicate Links – You cannot post links that are exactly the same as previous submissions.
Keyword Usage – All posts must have the keyword Free Mmorpg or Online Games appear at least 2 times as part of your 25 word posts
URL – All posts must include the URL (web address) to Aeria Games. Please use
Bad Submissions – Bad submissions are ones we cannot verify when received
  • Some sites will remove your content quickly if it’s seen as spam
  • Submitting an invalid URL – if we try to use your URL and we get an error, that URL will not count
  • We can’t identify your post – please be sure to say what name you used for your post
Spam – We do not directly nor indirectly condone internet spam (more on the Spam page)
  • Examples of spam regarding this team are as follows:
    • Over-stuffing of keywords  that reduces the quality and readability of your website or comment contents
      • E.g. “My favorite mmorpg, anime mmorpg, anime mmo is #$% because its the coolest free mmo, free to play mmorpg of all anime mmorpgs”
    • Posting of blog entries, forum comments or Yahoo Answers that add no value to the discussion
      • E.g. “Are you dumb? Try this anime mmorpg called %$# ! The link is…”
  • For people submitting Squidoo Lens’
    • Duplicate content on multiple pages – making 50 Freewebs websites that have exactly identical content
    • Lack of content or value as a website – Practitioners of this kind of submission will be asked to change their site within 24 hours. Repeat submissions will be met with removal from the Team no questions asked.
Where to submit?
  • Please use the Submission Form or send aEmail to (for tweets only). The Form’s username/pass is SAT123/GodsFTW (Updated as of Mar 9, 2011)
  • Enter the URLposting name (if posting on Yahoo Answers, etc.), and submission type and Aeria username on the form or in the email’s text
  • By filling out these fields,  you are telling us where and how to confirm your submission so we can accurately award your AP.

    Video – Comment submissions include posts and comments for videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh and other video hosting websites.
    You must make comments related to gaming, online gaming, MMORPG, and other videos that you can apply the keywords we described in Post Info. There is no limit to this type of submission.

    -Comments must be relevant to the video being commented
    -Comments must include keywords related to the video theme and suggest Aeria Games
    -Comments must include a URL web address for Aeria Games’ homepage or a specific Aeria game like Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, etc. The next 2 points cover how to write the URL web address
    -Full URL web addresses are not acceptable — example
    -URL web addresses in the comment MUST be written in the following format:
    -If the video is about Shaiya –
    Format: shaiya(dot)aeriagames(dot)com
    -If the video is about a free online game and you want to refer viewers to our games list webpage –
    Format: aeriagames(dot)com(slash)games

    -Comments must be at least 1 short paragraph in length — More is acceptable as long as you stay on-topic and do not over-stuff the comment with keywords
    -Our staff must not have to log in in order to see your comment
    -When submitting, you must include your post name (YouTube username) so we can identify you among many posts.

    Acceptable Comments:
    -“This video does a lot to capture the action of this great MMO. I’ve played a similar one called Shaiya from Aeria Games. If you’re interested, try checking out shaiya(dot)aeriagames(dot).com ”
    -“I have seen better videos of this game on SiteB. It has some pretty good quality anime MMORPG vids and vids of free online games. Aeria Games also has good games with in-game vids here aeriagames(dot)com(slash)games”

    Unacceptable Comments:
    -“Checkitout aeriagames(dot)com” <– Reason: Spam
    -"Dude this game sucks, y'all should try grandfantasia at grandfantasia(dot)aeriagames(com)" <– Reason: Spam
    -"Great vid for a great MMO. I like the part at 2:32 when the sword glows. Here's a free anime MMORPG with a good site and videos; <– Reason: Good message, but it has a full URL and will probably be removed
    -"mmorpgs, online games, free to play and download, best anime mmorpg right here! grandfantasia(dot)aeriagames(dot)com!" <– Reason: Keyword spam, not a comment that helps viewers

    About the URL web address format
    The "(dot)" and "(slash)" text (without quotation marks) is essential because YouTube and other video hosting websites do NOT allow "http://&quot;, "www" or ".com",, etc. in their video comments in order to prevent spam.
    We would like to see good quality comments on the videos in addition to the URL web address.

    Cautionary Remarks
    -DO NOT put only the URL web address as this will be counted as spam
    -DO NOT bash or insult other comments or attack other users
    -DO NOT respond to bashing or attacks by other users
    -Respect posting/commenting guidelines for each video hosting website respectively
    -If we cannot find your comment due to deletion by the website, or by not providing your post name, you will not receive AP

    AP Award
    Video – Comment submissions are worth 50 AP per verified post.

  2. NEW SUBMISSION TYPE: Tweets – New

    Spread Aeria Team is now on Twitter
    Check out which is our Team’s Twitter page.

    Submissions for “Tweets – New” include posting new tweets on your own Twitter page. If you want to tweet something related to Aeria Games, then this is the place to do it. There is no limit for this submission type.

    -Spread Aeria tweets must contain keywords as listed in Post Info
    -Be sure to put “Tweets – New” as your submission type in your submission email
    –For “Post Name” please type: Date and Time as “04-19-10 12:00”
    -Submitted URL must be your own Twitter page and we should be able to see your tweet without having to “follow” you
    -Tweets must be new and original and thus, they can only count ONCE
    -Tweets can contain up to 140 characters – please keep your tweets short but informative
    -Tweets must be news, events, information about Aeria Games or one of its game titles
    -Only Twitter pages will count for “Tweets – New” submissions
    -One-word tweets are not acceptable
    -Tweet content must adhere to our Team’s policy regarding content (see good/bad tweet examples below)
    Examples of good tweets:
    –“European Servers Down for Aeria’s free mmorpg Shaiya. Back up soon!”
    –“This week anime mmorpg Grand Fantasia launches in France”
    –“Free anime mmorpg at Aeria Games”
    –“Simple blog for my favorite free MMORPG at Aeria. (blog address)*.”
    Examples of bad tweets:
    –“Check out Aeria Games Now”
    –“You suck if you don’t play Grand Fantasia”
    –“Aeria Aeria Aeria! Free Free Free! Uber superfly MMO MMORPG FPS Aeria da best!”
    *You can advertise your own blog or website using Twitter! You blob/website should have Aeria’s homepage link on it somewhere so people can follow up after reading your website.

    -Be sure to include a URL to allow your readers to go from your tweet to your target webpage
    -Twitter only allows up to 140 characters. You should use a URL shortener site like
    -All you need to do is type in the full URL and will automatically shorten it
    -Don’t be alarmed if the shortened version looks nothing like the original or doesn’t have Aeria related text. The link is still good.
    –“Free anime mmorpg at Aeria Games
    –“Grand Fantasia, the free to play anime MMORPG
    -Tweet about both Aeria Games’ game sites, news, forums OR tweet for your other past submissions (Yahoo Answers, bloggers, websites, etc.)
    -Mentioning news and articles about MMOs and free games are great ways to give your tweets some color. Just be sure to lead readers to Aeria!
    AP Award:
    Each tweet you post earns 10 AP

  3. Check out which is our Team’s Twitter page.

    Submissions for “Tweets – Retweets” include looking at webmasterAG Titter page tweets and retweeting them on your own Twitter page.

    -Be sure to type “Tweets – Retweet” as your submission type when emailing
    –In “Post Name” please type: Date and Time as “04-19-10 12:00”
    -Retweets must be those found on the Spread Aeria Twitter page located at
    -Retweets can only performed once for each unique tweet
    -Do not spam Retweets (or any tweets)
    -Submitted URL must be your own Twitter page and we should be able to see your tweet without having to “follow” you

    -The number of times you may Retweet is limited to the number of tweets on the webmasterAG Twitter page
    -If there are only 5 tweets available to Retweet, that means you can only submit 5 “Tweets – Retweet” submissions
    -Include a few “Tweets – New” submissions in addition to “Tweets – Retweet” to maximize your AP awards for Spread Aeria activity using Twitter
    AP Award:
    Each Retweet earns 10 AP


    There is no restriction on how you post your tweets and retweets – computer, mobile phone, etc.
    We must be able to see your tweets/retweets plainly and without obstacles (required follow, advertisements, etc.)

  4. NON-Team Members TWEET for AP!

    If you are not a member of our Spread Aeria Team but want to earn some extra AP (up to 200), please participate in this Twitter activity!

    Send an email to with your Aeria account name
    Help Spread Aeria gain a presence on Twitter! The below two announcements for “Tweets – New” and “Tweets – Retweet” can be submitted by anyone wanted to help!

    -We promise 10 AP to each submission.
    -Non-registered members limited to 20 tweets or retweets (max AP award 200 AP)

    To participate: send an email to
    – in subject, put “[Aeria account name]; SpreadAGTwitter; Date [mm-dd-yy]”
    – in email body, put the URL web address of your Twitter page
    – in the email body, include the date/time of the tweet or retweet written as [mm-dd-yy;00:00]

    Invite a friend! Get 10AP for each friend that tweets/retweets for Spread Aeria! Limit 10 friends.

    Awards for Non-Team members will be tallied and awarded within 1 week after our team verifies them. Please check out the SpreadAeria Team blog to see the submission conditions.

    Everyone’s feedback on Facebook was very useful for us to clarify and improve on a few points for Twitter submissions:
    1) Tweet posts must be submitted by EMAIL ONLY
    -in light of the nature of tweet submissions, the play-ninja submission form is not efficient
    2) In the subject box, put “Twitter; Aeria Name; Post Name” AND in the body text, list out each tweet’s date/time (one per line), no need to copy/paste the tweet content itself
    – this way you can submit multiple tweets in one email and we can check one by one
    *”Post Name” = “Twitter account name”
    Tweet – new; 04/30/10; 8:30am
    Tweet – retweet; 04/30/10; 8:33am

    TIP #1: Highlighting and copying the time and date next to the Twitter post, will automatically create a link when that content is pasted in an email (for submitting)
    TIP #2: To make it easier for everyone, please submit Twitter posts in groups of 5 or 10 per email.
    -ALL tweets and retweets you post must be UNIQUE, no repeated tweets or retweets should be visible on your Twitter account page.
    -No AP will be awarded for chain letter tweets (“retweet this and you’ll live until age 115”) or back-and-forth tweet chat (“Dude did you play GF anime mmorpg last night?” “Yeah, I did play GF anime mmorpg!”). Save these tweets for your own personal tweet activity.

    We hope this clears up any confusion. Please let us know if this helps!

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