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SAT Social | Guidelines

Getting social on the Internet is more than just getting as many Facebook fans/friends as possible.  We have 40,000+ fans and 5,000 friends, but we want to reach out to more people!

So, in an experiment to see just how social our SAT members can be, we would like to make the following submissions available on the Online Submission Form:

  • Search Trends — Go on Google Trends and check out what are the most popular topics being discussed on the web.

Click a few topics from the Hot Topics list and see what kinds of Blogs and Discussions (use the left-hand menu for more search options) are being made about those topics.

  • Blog Trends — Go on BlogPulse and Trendistic to check out the current trending topics on blogs.  If they allow comments with links, that’s the place to go!
  • Media Trends — Go on the biggest Video and Image sharing sites and check out what’s popular — usually the vids/pics featured on the front page of: Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Hulu, ImageShack, DeviantArt, Photobucket, Flickr, etc. Try sorting by most views or newly uploaded.

For each of the above submission types, it is important that you are not simply copy/pasting canned responses.  You need to have read the blogs, articles, seen the videos, and other people’s comments in order to make a relevant contribution to the discussion via your own comment.  Also, you must write at least 30 words or more (or less depending on the character limit).

You must include this link:
(goes to Aeria Homepage)

  • The link must be included in your comment at the end of your text.  The link must be an actively clickable link, like this. (<– Don’t click; This goes to ROTT sign up page and is just to show you as example of what it should look like when you write your comments on blogs, etc.)

*Youtube and other video sites may not let you write in a URL, so if your submission type is Media Trend for a video, you must include “aeriagames(dot)com”

*For Search Trends, you cannot use Tweets.  However, you can retweet those tweets with the Link provided above and submit as a normal Spread Aeria Tweet submission (20 AP per verified tweet).

Writing Comments – Important:

  • You do not have to write a comment or use only sites directly related to Aeria Games.  Some topics that are trending now are NOT related to Aeria or gaming in any way whatsoever.  You will not receive AP if you can’t respond with relevance – we will be checking.
  • If it is a gaming related topic it will only count for a standard SAT submission (50 AP) unless it is in the Top 10 Google Trends Hot Topics.  Send a screen shot of  the Google Trends page if you want to prove that a game-related topic was eligible.
AP awards:
  • 75 AP will be awarded per verified post for the above 3 categories.

Minimums/Max Limit:

  • You can submit as many SAT Social posts as you wish.
  • Be sure you are submitting to the SAT Online Submission Form with username: SAT123 and password: ROTTftw

Other Rules:

  • As always, the submitted URLs (that lead to where you commented) must work.  Your post must be visible to the public — if we cannot see  your post despite following your submitted URL to the correct topic, you won’t get AP.
  • Repetitive “canned” responses will not receive AP.  Please change your wording or use different vocabulary if you commented on two similar topics.
  • Guidelines are subject to change as needed.  Changes will be announced as they are made.
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