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SAT Sig Team Rules (members only)

If you’re reading this, then you have already received your signature and are ready to earn AP!

If you have no clue what this is about, then that means you are not a part of the SAT Sig Team because: You haven’t been accepted yet, or you are waiting for a slot to open up (we will update on the status of the team as necessary).

How do you earn free AP?  Simply post on the Aeria Games forums!  Join a conversation!  Please see below about restrictions and policy.

Read this first:

  • Please do not change the signature code info without permission.  If your signature is different from what we issued to you, or leads to a non-Aeria related webpage, you will be ejected from the SAT Sig Team and all un-awarded AP will be forfeited.
  • If your signature is not visible in your post, it will not count for AP.
  • IMPORTANT: Editing your post after creating it can possibly erase you signature from that post.  Be sure your post is right the first time!  (hopefully the forums will be fixed soon so this doesn’t happen)
  • This is a quick and easy way to earn free AP, but please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change award amounts, conditions and schedules as we deem necessary.
  • This is an exclusive team and we care a lot about quality posts to the Aeria Games community.  Just because it’s the Aeria Games Forums, doesn’t mean you can spam.  Thus, we will be monitoring your posts to ensure that you are helping the forum community, and not over-posting with one-word-comments just to earn AP*.  If your posts are not viewed as helpful, you will be advised to improve your posts.  If the problem continues, you will be kicked off the Team.

*If you are uncertain whether your post is ok or not, please send an email to with the URL to the topic you want to post to, and what you plan to write and we will advise you.


  • All posts must be made to the Aeria Games forums — it’s probably best to start out in the game that you already play, then go out and find other topics that interest you.
  • Min Posts required: 15 posts per week
  • –Award: 10 AP each post (150 AP for the week)
  • Max posts allowed: 25 posts per week
  • –Award: Max 500 AP for the week
  • Please obey Aeria’s policies on forum usage and etiquette
  • Your posts should be well written and helpful to others
  • You may not fill up a single topic with multiple posts in order to earn AP
  • If you cannot find 15-25 unique topics worth posting to, please create you own topic, limited to one topic per game per month*
  • Do not spam the forums with ads, or insults, troll or flame others

*If your topic becomes popular (50+ comments by others/1,000+ views) within 1 week, we will award a bonus of 200 AP (to be added to the following week’s award)!

How do you submit your posts for SAT?

  • Please use the SAT Online Submission Form located here:
  • Username: “” Password: “m3talFTW”
  • Do not tell non-SAT or non-Aeria Games members the location or login/pass of the submission form.

Like all other SAT submissions, you must provide the URL of where you made your post.  This is so we can verify your post and tally your submissions for AP.  If your post was removed by admins or anything else the prevents us from confirming, it will not count.

Submissions and AP are scheduled to be tallied Sunday evenings 9pm PST and awarded within 7-10 business days.

More info and updates to the SAT Sig Team will be made in the near future.

We are looking forward to receiving your posts!

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