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SAT How-To

If you’re seeing this page, that means you are interested in participating in the Spread Aeria Team How-To event!  Thank you for visiting!

The Spread Aeria Team How-to event is not only a great chance to help others get familiar with our games, but also a great way for making the Aeria Games community a warm place to make friends!

What we’d like you to do:

Write up a 1-2 page introduction/review or tutorial for one of Aeria Games’ titles.  This can be a game you are very familiar with, or it can be a sharing of your experience in a new game.  The game must be one you can currently play (not a discontinued game).

The writing style is up to you, but we’d like you keep in mind:

  • For tutorials, please write a detailed step-by-step explanation using numbered sequences (1,2.. or I, II, III…etc) that teach new players how to do something in the game (how to use the loot forge, how to craft, how to (legitimately) increase your headshots, etc.).
  • For tips/tricks, please be sure to write why it’s so useful and what you can –or what you did – accomplish.
  • For sharing a gaming experience, like, an in-game event set up by Aeria GMs/GSs or a particular PVE/PVP victory, please write how and why it was fun, lame, or so cool you want to do it more (doesn’t necessarily have to be a  new Aeria game, but if it’s new to you, that’s okay).
  • For game reviews, please provide an easy-to-understand introduction to your game’s theme, features, strengths as well as weaknesses and what can be (or has been) improved over time.

If possible, please provide screenshots or other visual content to help add some flavor to your write-ups!

Because we will be publishing some of your write-ups online, we kindly ask that you keep your writing to a PG-13 level, suitable to be read by anyone without offense.  Also, please provide translations of special game terms just in case people reading it may not know what you’re talking about (“PK”=player kill, “PVP”=play-vs-player, “camp”=sitting in one spot, etc.)

Please make your writings in English in Microsoft Word, Notepad or other text editor program that allows you to save a file.  You will need to attach it in an email.

To submit your write ups, please send an email to (Spread Aeria Team administrator’s email).

  • Remember to attach your write-up(s) and images (if any).
  • In the subject field, please write “Aeria How-to”.
  • In the body field, please provide  your Aeria Games username (so we know who to award AP).

Maximum 3 write-ups per person.

AP award per write-up is 200 AP, which means you can earn 600 AP for this event.

Please submit your write-ups by Monday, February 21, 2011, 19:00 PST.  You will be awarded AP within 7-10 business days after the deadline.


  • If your write-up contains  information about how to hack or exploit vulnerabilities in the game, it will not count for AP.
  • Please understand that this is to help create a fun community of dedicated players, and not to create more hackers.
  • Similarly, please do not write  up ways to “Power Level” your characters using third-party software, gold sellers, or other services that offer fast leveling for a fee.
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