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New Spread Team

To All members of the Spread Aeria Team!

Tweets – worth 20 AP each, but you must use the links we specify on the Link to Use page.  If you see tweets with those links on there, they are valid to retweet for 20 AP.  You must include “#freemmorpg”, “#onlinegames” or other relevant hash tags in your tweets.

In an effort to combat Twitter spam, we have decided to place a cap on Tweets per day to 10 tweets/retweets (70 tweets per week).  We have also experienced several past members creating multiple accounts to artificially increase followers – which is why we have done away with upgrades based on number of followers.  IMPORTANT: You should submit your tweets bundled in groups of up to 70 URLS (to get the tweet’s URL, copy/paste the “X seconds ago” in your tweets  for easier submitting) once per week to the email address

*Please use “Tweet/Retweet” as the category for Twitter related submissions, unless you have a lot (then use email plz).

Blog submissions are capped at 50 AP per post.  They can be posts to your own website/blog/forum or a unique website/blog/forum.  You are limited to 2 posts to the same website/blog per day so as not to annoy the site admins.  You can post to as many unique websites/blogs as you can as long as you do not spam.  If your own website/blog, you are allowed to post up to 5 times per week.  Blog posts must also contain links that we specify.  You must write 25 words or more without spamming, repeating or copy/pasting the same text.

Facebook wall post submissions are only valid if you have 50 or more Facebook friends.  When making a Facebook wall post or other status update that involves typing, we require that you include a link to the appropriate game page in addition to your text.  You are limited to 2 Facebook wall posts per day and they must be unique posts.  Please submit the URL of the wall posts only, not the entire wall itself.  Simply click the link next to the tiny picture of a notepad and tack next to the post’s date – that will take you to the post’s individual page and the URL that appears in the browser is the one to use.  You must write non-spammy wall posts but attempt to get people interested in what you are announcing.

*Please use Facebook/Blog in the submission form for Facebook wall posts and blog/website/forum posts.

Awards will go out within 1-2 weeks of every Sunday at 19:00PST.  That means if you make a submission at 19:01PST on Sunday, the AP for that submission will be included on the following round of awards.  Please understand that we cannot award free AP any faster than this.

Tampering with the Online Submission Form in any direct or indirect way will result in a suspension of your status as member of the Spread Aeria Team.

The above is subject to updates, revisions and deletions at any time.

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