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Below are entries that cover issues on how to make your contributions to the Team count for the community and for yourself
In order for Aeria Games to be spread on the Internet, we must be able to present our games in a way that anyone searching about a specific topic will have access to us. This namely points to Google, Yahoo! and Bing which have served us for many years searching for many things from “cat food” to “conspiracy theories”.
Therefore, when you make your posts to forums, create websites and answer questions on the web, it is important to include comments that point to Aeria Games and its game titles.
Please read the sub-articles if you need help understanding how to contribute to the Team.
  1. Keywords
    What’s all this talk about Keywords?

    We gave a list of keywords in “Guidelines and Post Info” for you to use, but you may wonder, “Okay, a bunch of terms and phrases. MMO? Free online? Anime MMORPG? So what? They’re just words! Why do I need to put that stuff on my website and online posts?”

    Explanation: Many of you have probably spent a lot of time enjoying Aeria’s games. However, how did you first find out about us? Word-of-mouth? A friend’s recommendation? An online advertisement for “free online games”? Probably all of the above. On the other hand, wouldn’t you have appreciated being able to simple put in, “free online games” into Google (Yahoo! or Bing) and discovered Aeria by yourself?

    That is our goal in Spread Aeria Team: We believe everyone should have a chance to find out for themselves what Aeria Games is and what we have to offer them.

    You, the Team members, having more experience enjoying our games and are thus the front line experts on Aeria’s games like Shaiya, Grand Fantasia and Last Chaos. As a result, you yourself can bring many thousands of new players and expand the Aeria community with your knowledge and enthusiasm for our online games.

    Is there a trick to using the keywords effectively?
    Not all of us are Walt Whitman or Dan Browns; hence, what can we possible say to offer to the community while satisfying the team’s rules?
    Below is an example of how to use 2-3 keywords in your comment/website/blog etc. content:

    Example: An online question at a forum or Yahoo! Answers, “Are there any good anime MMOs out there you can recommend?”
    Use these keywords: “free online games” and “anime MMORPG”, “Aeria Games” and “Grand Fantasia”
    Include this URL in your text (or links page):

    Sample Text (used keywords are underlined): “I’ve only played for a few weeks, but I can recommend a game called Grand Fantasia from Aeria Games offers. It’s an anime MMORPG with a fantasy theme and compared to other free online games, it has a great class branching system, fun quests, thousands of players to interact with and is fun to watch, play or simply enjoy the scenery. It’s available at and doesn’t need much disk space to install/play.”

    Effective use of keywords without spamming is not difficult. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers: Which is better? The short paragraph above? or this one?: “Grand Fantasia = Uber Free MMO, Anime MMORPG, best free online game eva! only the best free online mmos and mmorpg at Aeria Games, go here now!

    There are two solutions: 1) the first paragraph is much better in answering the question and giving a good opinion on why it’s being recommended 2) the second paragraph is SPAM and will not help anyone looking for a decent answer and we would not award AP for such an answer.

  2. URLs and Links
    What is meant by submitting URLs and Links?

    When you make submissions to the Spread Aeria Team, you must do so by copy/pasting the URL (or webpage address found in the browser that starts with http://) into the form or email submission.

    By doing this, it signifies to us that: this URL leads to a webpage where you made a website, commented on a forum, answered a question, etc. It also tells us that you want us to check the page for its content because you want Aeria Points for your efforts.

    This is the only way we can verify your submissions as all activity for this team is web-based (sorry, no PowerPoint slideshows, flash animations, or music videos will be accepted at this point).

    Our Spread Aeria Team staff are responsible for judging all submissions and will make fair and reasonable decisions about whether to award AP or not.

    Duplicate Links?

    Duplicate links mean the URL you submitted to us is identical to a previous submission. As such, we cannot award you for this submission as you have already been awarded for it in the past.

    Broken Links?

    Broken links mean the URL you submitted to us does not work e.g. does not take us to your website, forum comment, etc. This will not count for AP awards. Please be sure to check your URL by trying it yourself before submitting it.

    Deleted Links?

    Deleted links mean that the site where you posted your comment, blog, etc. has removed your content. This happens for a variety of reasons but the number 1 reason is because of SPAM or content that is irrelevant to the forum discussion topic. You may have posted a valid URL and submitted it to us, but by the time we check it (usually with a day), it may not be there. This will not count towards AP awards.

    What is meant by adding URLs to my posts, websites, blogs, etc.?

    The primary method of traversing the Internet is via links that go from one webpage to another. Needless to say, it is far easier to click on a link to go straight to a webpage rather than typing the URL out digit-by-digit in your browser. So, we require that all submissions for comments, websites, blogs, etc. are accompanied by URL link to the game you are talking about or the Aeria Games homepage. We use the term ‘hyper-link’, or a piece of click-able text that takes the user to the target page.
    This is a hyper-link to Grand Fantasia.
    This is also a hyper-link

    We emphasize including links so we can bring the public one step closer to discovering Aeria’s games without getting lost in the Internet. (They could easily Google “Grand Fantasia” as well)

    Why is my hyper-link not click-able in my forum comment?! Will this not count for AP?

    As you will most likely use many sites for forum comment submissions, not all sites allow you to make a piece of text into a hyper-linked URL. Yahoo! Answers, and many online game forums make you contribute to their discussions for a period of time before “earning” the right to post hyper-links. This is common and unavoidable and you will not be refused AP for this occurrence (as long as the rest of your content qualifies). But please do make the effort as readers of the site may wish to copy/paste your URL into

  3. Spam
    What is Spam? Who likes it? Where can I get some?

    We address this subject several times throughout this site and is fundamental part of the Spread Aeria Team.

    Internet spam is more or less Internet garbage, some examples being:
    -3-word forum comments with a URL link
    -Irrelevant text posted on an online forum
    -Misleading messages that take web users to a website they don’t need or want to use
    -Repeating unchanging text and images in chat rooms, online in-game dialogue, etc.

    Most importantly, as far as this Team is concerned, spam is anything that undermines the goal of spreading Aeria Games with relevant and quality content. Your activities as members of this Team will be regarded as spam if:
    -Websites and blogs are lacking in content, text or anything else that wastes visitors’ time
    -Only Keywords, URLs/Links and nothing else comprises of your forum comments
    -Website and blog content is repeated across multiple sites/blogs
    -Your activities are judged as spam by the web community (not just our staff)

    Nobody likes Internet spam. It’s misleading, uninformative, annoying and most of all, it keeps everyone from finding out about what they want to search. If you clicked on a hyper-link that reads “Absolutely free dating” but it takes you to an orthodontics portal site, wouldn’t you get a little peeved? Let’s all help fight against Internet spam by adhering to the Team’s post info guidelines and posting rules wherever we try to spread Aeria Games.

    Spam is usually sold in grocery stores in cans for cheap. But Internet spam is everywhere on the web.

    What’s not Spam?

    Some of you may be worried if your actions on the Team are producing Internet spam. Despite reading through the guidelines and all we have to say regarding spam, there are without a doubt some gray areas.
    The most common worry we have encountered so far is, “My answer on Yahoo! Answer is the same for a lot of questions. By repeating the same answer, is that not spam?”

    The answer is “no”. Many people post the same kind of questions on Yahoo! Answer and other forums and websites all the time and more often than not, you have the perfect answer for that question. As long as you satisfy our guidelines for content and keywords, should you judge your answer applicable to multiple topics throughout the Internet, we believe you should be allowed to post it.

    Website/Blog Spam?

    We will not name names, but in the past we have viewed some very ideal websites/blogs and some very not-so-ideal ones. The latter applies to those individuals who only satisfy the bare minimum requirements, practically forcing us to flip a coin to decide whether or not to award AP. We know very well how easy it is to make websites and blogs these days (via pre-made templates so you can just type-and-publish) and it is tempting to fire through half-a-dozen or so in rapid succession in hopes to earn big AP. We do our best to verify website/blogs for content or lack thereof, but the bottom line is: The quality issue applies the same whether it is a website or a forum comment; it must be relevant, and people must enjoy reading it.

    If we do not judge a website/blog to add value to the community other than hitting 10 keywords, a few in-game thumbnail pics and a sole link to Aeria Games, we will consider it a spammy site and will simply not award AP. Practitioners of this kind of submission will be asked to change their site within 24 hours. Repeat submissions will be met with removal from the Team no questions asked.

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