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About SPAM

Not the meat in a can – but yummy fried on stale bread – but the kind of online content you hate to read!

Spread Aeria Team (SAT) Members, please take care that you do not post the following kinds of messages on forums, websites and blogs that allow comments and links:

  1. One-word hyper-linked posts like, “Mmorpg
  2. Two-word posts like, “Cool! Mmorpg
  3. 3-word posts like, “Cool! Mmorpg FTW!”

I think you’re getting the idea…

But we also don’t want things like:

  • “Click this link, the game is such a cool Mmorpg! “
  • “This site sucks, you should go to Aeria, they have the best free Mmorpgs!”

25 words or more is our general rule, but please feel free to write more if you’re adding to the thread or topic at hand.

Since you are speaking for Aeria Games, it would make us very happy if you are as accepting and open to people as we are:

  • Please don’t flame or troll
  • Please don’t curse or insult others
  • Please be fair
  • Please use common sense and respect
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