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Have fun with Aeria Games and Public Domain pics -

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  1. Spread Aeria Slide Show: May 7 ~ May 16, 2010

    Take photos and modify them to include images and characters from your favorite Aeria games! Above is an example of what we’d like to see!
    All Team members are invited to join this event.
    Works will be published here on the blog as well as on Flickr, Photbucket and Facebook!

    – Images must be no larger than 640×480 (landscape or portrait), and maximum 200KB, in JPEG format
    – Submissions must be made via EMAIL to
    – Please do not upload images to the Team Facebook gallery
    – You may use Aeria Games characters, screenshots and other props to help make your images
    – If you want to crack a joke, make it a clean joke
    – Up to 5 image submissions allowed per Team member

    Most of all:
    HAVE FUN with your images! A few ideas include:
    –Replacing your family portrait faces with heads from Last Chaos
    –Portraying President Barrack Obama signing a nuclear treaty with a Wolf Team werewolf
    –Replacing people’s eyeballs with GF items like Clay and Sprite Cookies

    This is an event to show your support for Aeria Games creatively!

    IMPORTANT: About Using Photos
    – Photos used must come from the Public Domain
    – Photos must not infringe on copyrights or other terms of usage (please check the download, copy, modification conditions set by the owners)
    – Use of copyrighted photos must be permitted by the photo’s owner/creator
    – Give credit where credit is due by citing creators when possible: “photo used: The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci”
    – You may freely use photos taken yourself
    – Photos may contain people/models but be mindful submissions will be shown on the Internet *please get permission from those in the photo before your submit. Aeria will not take any responsibility for the unwanted display of images. Public figures like presidents can be featured in your images
    – No Child Porn themes. Just don’t.
    – DO NOT submit images that are pornographic or graphically violent
    – DO NOT submit images that portray anyone (celebrities or friends) in sexually offensive, violent or otherwise inappropriate scenarios
    – DO NOT use offensive text/type or symbolism in ANY language (French, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) or code (Morse, pig-latin, etc.)

    – Each image submitted will earn 100 AP (max 500 AP)

    Cautionary Notes – Please Read:
    * We do not offer royalties or intellectual property sharing for this type of event, basically because this Team is suppose to be fun and isn’t about making money. Please understand that all submitted logos become the property of Aeria Games and thus modification, reproduction, distribution and any choice to use said logo is at the sole discretion of Aeria Games.
    * Participants will be appropriately acknowledged for their work.
    * Only send JPEG picture attachments via email.
    * Please do not send printouts or other physical forms of logos. We do not specify a mailing address for this contest.
    * No mailed submissions will be accepted or returned.

    We reserve the right to change the above conditions at any time.

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