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Spread Aeria Team Closed | Until later

March 11, 2011

Hello all SAT members!

The past year, you have been a great help in spreading Aeria’s name to gamers all over the world.  We have awarded over 400,000 AP!

Unfortunately, some good things come to an end and it is saddening that we announce the shut down of this Spread Aeria Team until further notice.

“Spread Aeria” promotions/events that are posted on the SAT Facebook Group and Aeria Games official forums may pop up in the future, but please make sure to confirm who is offering the event and try not to get scammed.  Ideally, a GS or a GM is the kind of person to trust, but make sure they’re legit!  As far as the submission types described on this blog, they will no longer be valid. Hopefully, when someone fires up the SAT in the future, there will be an update here, Facebook and Twitter!

The last day you can make submissions is March 16, 2011 at 19:00 PST.

  • AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days
  • Submissions made after this date will not be awarded AP
  • This blog will discontinue its regular updates after March 18, 2011

Visit us back in the future for updates on a revival of SAT and ways you can help make Aeria Games the most famous free-to-play online games publisher in the world! — and pocket some free AP while you’re at it!–

Until then, we hope that you had fun and wish you the best!


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