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March 7, 2011

It is well known that Shaiya has one of the biggest fan communities in the free mmorpg spectrum!  As such, we’d like to offer you Spread Aeria Team members who play Shaiya a chance for a little extra AP to use on the next spender event, or use for Aeria’s other games.

Event: “Shaiya Hubs”

Go to hubpages and create a new hub based on Shaiya.  Add links that lead to the Shaiya homepage using the appropriate link from our “Links to Use” page.

  • You can write up about anything Shaiya related you want EXCEPT about how to hack Shaiya, play on private servers, or buy gold from third-party sites (against Aeria’s TOS).
  • You must write at least 500 words, but for you Shaiya fans, that should be no problem.  If you repeat your words over and over just to get the limit, you will not receive AP.
  • You must include screenshots or images offered on the Shaiya homepage, or you can draw and create your own fan art.
  • You are limited to 10 Shaiya hub pages, but they must each be unique! (hint: make one for newbs, one for a particular quest, etc., etc.)
  • Optional: You should also add a link to the Shaiya Facebook page, which is just starting over and needs your support!  Help them out and use this link:

Make your submission on the online submission form

  • Make sure you choose the correct “Event Name” (“Shaiya Hubs”) and input the “Link Used” (SYA).
  • Be sure you input your hub’s URL and your Aeria username.
  • *For “Post name”, please type the name of your Hubpage page!

You’ll get 100 AP for a Shaiya Hubpage that has good content, the links we request above, and for filling out the submission form correctly.

This event ends March 27 (Sunday), 2011 at 10:00 PM PST

AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days.

Hopefully, a good turnout will result in MORE events like this for other games.  Please leave a comment if you want this event to apply for a different Aeria Game!

We reserve the right to modify any portion of this event or cancel it at any time.

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