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Spread Aeria Sig Team

February 3, 2011

New easy way to earn a little extra Free AP!
8/10 slots remaining

Aim: To increase awareness of Aeria’s Facebook Fan Page among Aeria Games members and grow our social community even more!

Example of the Signature you will be asked to use (DokterLekter’s post:

All you need to do is add a specially made signature to your current Aeria Games account and post comments, replies and new topics on the Aeria Games forums! AP awards are based on the number of posts made! You can earn as little or as much AP as you want! The process is fast and simple!*
*subject to certain guidelines and policies to be explained when you apply to the team and are accepted

To apply, please Login to Aeria Games’s website and send a private message to “themaxxilor” (message subject should be: “SAT Sigs”) with the following info:

    ► Your in-game name (IGN)
    Aeria Game that you play most
    ► Your clan name if any
    ► Your favorite quote, or slogan.
    ► Choice of color: Blue, Red, Green, Black or Orange

You will be contacted within 2-3 business days with more info.
WE look forward to your applications!

Example of immediately available colors:






IF you have a special color preference, please don’t hesitate to ask!  We’ll accept up to TWO primary colors (yellow, cream and whites are not ideal, but doable)!   As for the text, we will fill in the necessary fields on our end, but please try to choose short phrases or text that will fit easily into the sig!


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