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Spread Aeria’s Facebook

January 21, 2011

Aeria is making some changes to their Facebook Fan Page and needs your help to Spread it!

Earn 50 AP per verified submission by spreading the link to the Aeria Games Facebook Fan Page. The link to use is:

Go on forums, Facebook pages with lots of fans (must be gaming related and public), Q&A sites and blogs, to post something about Aeria Games in a fair unbiased way. You need to write 50 words or more and include “Aeria Games” and the link provided above. You must not deliberately spam! Posting to non-relevant fan pages, forums, sites, conversations — please use common sense and respect the rules of the sites where you post.

There is no limit per day for this event but see below for policies regarding spamming online social networking accounts*.
You must use the link provided.
You must obey the posting rules and policies of both Spread Aeria and the sites you use. The best way to do this is to help someone out by answering a question, making a good suggestion, and then drop your link and Aeria related text.

Please make your submissions to the Online Submission Form located here. You must provide all the information required. Select “Aeria Facebook” for the event name.

Please refer to the previous announcement for Spread MA for tips on how to make your submissions and how to use the Submission Form.

*You may not post to OFFICIAL Aeria sites, Facebook Pages, forums, blogs or this Spread Aeria blog — this will not count.
*You may not post to MMOhut, Onrpg, or PerfectWorld
*You may not private message or direct message anyone on FB or Twitter — this is not a valid submission because it’s annoying to the recipient, and we cannot verify it.
*You may not spam a populated Facebook fan page’s wall more than once. Please be sure to submit the URL to the post, NOT the wall. If you try to submit more than one URL from the same Facebook fan page, you will be disqualified (there are a lot of pages so you should not be “running out” of places to post)
*You may not spam your own Twitter account more than once per day unless you have 200 Followers or more. If you have the minimum number of followers, you can post up to 3 times per day.
*You may not spam your own Facebook account more than once per day unless you have 400 Friends or more. If you have the minimum number of Friends, you can post up to 2 times per day.
*You may not spam your own blog more than once per day.

Starts: NOW.
Ends: Monday, January 24 Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 9pm PST
*Ending date extended

AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days. Be sure to input your Aeria username on the submission form correctly or you won’t receive AP.
If you abuse this event and spam your own accounts too much and submit them, you will be disqualified from this event.


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