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Spread It! Ministry of War now available Free to Play

December 22, 2010

Help spread this game on Facebook, gaming blogs and forums and Earn 1,000 Free AP!

Event Name: Spread MOW
Link to use:
Code to use for online submission form: MOW

You must:
1. Post to 10 unique websites, blogs with 25 words or more and include the link provided above in your posts.  You must include the words “Aeria Games”, and relevant words like “mmorts” “browser game” “real-time strategy game” that help describe MOW (repetition of the same words over and over is strictly forbidden)

Example text: MINISTRY OF WAR, Aeria’s newest addition to its free browser game portfolio, is (finally) available to play now!  It’s an epic MMORTS that allows you to select from several historical empires.  More info at

2. Submit where (URL) you made your post to the online submission form 

3. Posts must be made to relevant threads.  If you’re having trouble, try Googling Browser MMORTS, Browser games, etc.  

4. You must have 10 submissions done by January 4, 2011 21:00 PST.  Submissions will be verified and AP awarded within 1-2 weeks.

Please make your posts in ENGLISH.

*No submissions for Spread MOW will count towards SAT2011 Holidays event. 
*Posts must be new and cannot be counted as submissions if they are older than this discussion topic.
*You cannot post more than once to your own Facebook wall or any other page on Facebook.  You cannot post more than once to your own blog or website.  Please make each post to a different website or social network/platform. You cannot post to Twitter for this event.
**Please pay attention to the rules of Spread Aeria Team listed on the Spread Aeria Blog
***You may not post to,  When in doubt, please follow the rules of the site(s) you wish to post at.


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