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Thanksgiving SPREAD Event!

November 25, 2010

This week is Thanksgiving!  On this occasion, we would like to offer the Spread Aeria Team this 4-day weekend a chance to earn some extra AP!

Starts: Now       Ends: December 1, 19:00 PST

What do I do!?

Part 1 — Facebook

  • a.  Go to Aeria Games’ Facebook related pages and “Like” them — the pages are listed on the bottom-left of our fan page‘s “Favorite Pages”.
  • b.  Pick one of those pages and write a wall post on your account with a link to the page, (copy/paste its URL).  Be sure to say a few words about the game!
  • c.  Copy/Paste the URL of your wall post into the Spread Aeria Team Online Submission form

Part 2 — Web

  • a.  Go to your favorite public gaming forum and join/start a discussion describing how thankful you are to be a part of Aeria’s great community!  Your post must be 25 words or more, and must contain “free mmorpg” or “online games” (no quotes).
  • b.  In your post, you must include a link to one of these games (use the links provided):-Caesary (please link to )-DDTank (please link to )-Lime Odyssey (please link to Blast (please link to )
  • c.  On the Online Submission Form, copy/paste the URL of your post into the form.*Do Part 2 at THREE different forums for a bonus!

Part 3 — Submitting

SAT Online Submission Form:

— form username is SAT1, password is “Temp123” (no quotes) —

  • 1.  When filling out the Online Submission Form, make sure to include your Aeria username AND name you used to post on a gaming forum! Or else, we can’t tell who to award!
  • 2.  For this event, please select “Facebook/Blog” as the submission type.
  • 3.  Please make sure your links work and your submitted URLs actually go to the right place! Pleaser refer to the most recent event on the discussion board about how to get your FB wall post’s URL!  For forum post URLs, the URL must be exact! (Example: not the URL to the first thread out of 100!)

What do I get!?

Reward: 150 Free AP for completing Parts 1 AND 2

*If you make three unique forum posts in Part 2, you can earn 250 Free AP! (you must do three!)

Please allow 1-2 weeks to be awarded.

FINAL STEP: Go to this FB discussion and leave a comment, “I’m Done!”


  • If you spam any forums and/or write less than 25 words for your posts, forget to include “free mmorpg” or “online games” you will NOT receive AP.
  • You may NOT post on,,

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One Comment
  1. Lyra permalink

    Hello. Is Spread Aeria operating at 100% again? Or are we only allowed to make submissions based on the current events that are running?

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