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Needed: Suggestions for Spread Aeria Team

November 1, 2010

Hi there! As you may know, Spread Aeria Team as it once was is no more.  However, we are not through with spreading Aeria Games or awarding dedicated members for their efforts.  Therefore we have made a new list of submissions whose details will be constructed and presented on this blog in the next couple of days. That list is below:

  • Aeria Bookmarks – bookmark an Aeria related online article, video, etc. and share it on the web
  • Aeria Squidoo – make an Aeria related Squidoo Lens and get people to view it
  • Aeria Articles – write an Aeria related online article and publish for all to read
  • Aeria Links – comment on forums, gaming sites, etc. and leave a link to Aeria
  • Aeria Tweets – use Twitter to tweet/retweet Aeria announcements, news, etc.!
  • Aeria FB – spread Aeria Games on Facebook by joining large gaming fan pages and tell them about Aeria!

We want your suggestions too!  If you have a great idea on how to spread Aeria Games on the web, please reply to this post! Criteria for SAT submissions should include:

  • Submission Title? (“Aeria ~”)
  • What needs to be done? (must be web/online based; sorry no TV commercials)
  • How it helps spread Aeria? (who, where, what makes it spread?)
  • Can it be done by many people? (people who aren’t technically skilled)
  • How much AP should be deserved? (be reasonable)

*We are focused on increasing the number of links to Aeria Games so please consider that when suggesting.

We will monitor suggestions and allow them to be posted after review.  Off-topic posts will be deleted.


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  1. Mandee permalink

    Well I’d love to see a Last Chaos FB site that is actually updated more than the one I have seen. It seems all the other games have one that updates all the time for Aeria info but LC seems to hardly ever have info to give out or is not being shared like it deserves. Perhaps a few of us could do that if each person is responcible for a section like daily events, mall sales, LC contests, perhaps each server give out info too if there is something going on thats different. More than one person could do these of course to make it better too.

  2. Elvaytee permalink

    In total honesty, removing the spread aeria team is really…sort of dumb. Mostly because you don’t lose any actual money from keeping it open. But in any case, my suggestion; an aeria games newspaper! A different one for each game and a few staff members to keep it together. The newspaper could englobe a few important aspects; new items and their feedbacks, awesome guides and things of the genre. So, that’s pretty much it.

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