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Review Contest Winner

July 28, 2010

We have chosen our Aeria Games review contest winner.  The winning review goes as follows:

“A review for the free mmorpg by Aeriagames called Kingdom Heroes.

While Kingdom Heroes certainly has its downfalls, which is to be expected of a game that is still in open beta testing, Kingdom Heroes has several qualities that set it apart from, and raise it above, other games. Kingdom Heroes is based on the three kingdoms period of China and follows greatly with the romance, conflict, and beauty of that period. Kingdom Heroes is great fun and is a must-try game.

Kingdom Heroes allows the player to choose from four different classes which include Warrior, Fencer, Conjurer, and Tactician. In addition to choosing a class, the player has the option to choose from several skill trees and stat builds within that class. Once the player gains experience and reaches a high level, the player can also choose one of two advanced classes, specific to their base class, to change into and gain even more skills.

One of the points that sets Kingdom Heroes apart from other games is the ability of all four classes to control soldiers. The soldiers also have different classes, which range from several types of melee weapons, to dancers which are able to heal the player, to wolves or eagles. These soldiers also have skills that can be learned as they level up. The player can choose whether they want some extra help from soldiers or if they want to focus on being a solo beast.

Another point that raises Kingdom Heroes above other mmorpg’s is that the player can choose one of three nations to become a part of. Whether choosing the Wei nation led by Cao Cao, the Wu nation led by Sun Ce, or the Shu nation led by Liu Bei, the player is immersed into their nation’s land and people. Players can talk to their fellow nation members and get help from the great community on Kingdom Heroes. Also, the player can join or create a guild and gain an even deeper friendship with the other players of Kingdom Heroes.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Kingdom Heroes is the epic Kingdom War. Every Wednesday and Saturday for two hours, the nations go all out and fight each other in an epic battle for land and power. The guilds of each nation can attack the city of another nation in order to capture the city for themselves. Once a guild owns a city, the guild members can earn gold from the city taxes, collect a salary from the mayor, and even participate in the building of the city in order to make its defenses stronger or increase the number of items available in the market. The Kingdom Wars allow every person in the game to feel like an ancient warrior as they push through the enemy lines, killing as many enemy players as possible. Seige weapons, boats, and city defenses increase the already large scale of the Kingdom Wars. Whether you’re taking the boat to perform a sneaky naval attack behind enemy lines, taking a siege weapon to rain death upon the enemy and their cities, or simply taking the weapon in your hand to defend your nation’s honor, the Kingdom Wars in Kingdom Heroes are something that every game player must experience.

Overall, Kingdom Heroes is a very fun and very addictive game. The variety of activities, quests, and events keep you from getting ever bored. As a player since the game was released, I have to say that Kingdom Heroes is one of my favorite free mmorpg of all time. Once you try Kingdom Heroes, you’ll be hooked.”

Congratulations to the submitter and you will be notified shortly of your prize of 1,000 free AP!


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