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Playing Dirty

July 21, 2010

Let’s help vent our frustration from playing MMOs!

Granted, there is a lot to be frustrated about: newbie players barking for help 24/7, cold-blooded high-level players unwilling to share tips, in-game glitches, server crashes, closed beta data wipes, power leveling/gold scams, good ol’ fashioned bullying, chat spamming, the list continues…

  • We would like the Spread Team and other Aeria Gamers to list up 10 or so MMO Pet Peeves they are either tired of experiencing, or guilty of committing themselves!  Not only limited to Aeria Games experiences but other games as well, but pet peeves should be general and represent MMO gaming subculture.
  • Your input will be transformed into an infographic and posted online to represent a snapshot of what ticks off MMO players!
  • Good starts include, “I hate it when…” or “I don’t like…” or “People hate it when I…”
  • Everyone who lists 10 or more will get 200 AP for their contribution and will received credit as co-creators of the infographic itself.
  • 10 is the minimum, more is great but no extra AP will be given.


  1. Post your 10 Pet Peeves as comments (all in one post) to the blog
  2. Be sure to include your Aeria Games account info.  *we will not release who contributed what pet peeve in order to ensure privacy…unless you want to make yourself known — sorry, no bonus ap for disclosure/nondisclosure! =)
  3. Ask a fellow Aeria Games player to post his/her 10 MMO pet peeves too!


  • No finger pointing – do not identify certain players that anger you
  • No cursing – let’s keep this a clean infographic
  • No tall-tales – let’s keep it real!

*This event ends Sunday July 25, 2010!

*All AP awards requests go out Mondays, to be awarded within 7 Days.  Keep an eye on your account for your payment!


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  1. optimistemo permalink

    done 🙂

  2. Check out the Infographic that was made based on our community’s input!
    Posted on this blog:

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