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11 Best MMO Practices

July 21, 2010

List out 11 of your best MMO playing tips and send them in an email to and be eligible to receive 200 Free AP!  This can be about any kind of MMO game, but should not include ways to hack, scam, or offend other players.  Only 1 submission allowed per member.

1. Be sure to include your Aeria Games account name in your email in order to be awarded your AP.

2. Please send your list as text (email text or Word.doc or Notepad doc attachment).

3. Please do not send lists as a PDF or JPEG image.

Examples of tips might include:  how to request to join a party or guild, how to keep your Grand Fantasia Sprite happy 24/7, how to take down a powerful monster with the least amount of people, etc.

*All AP awards requests go out Mondays, to be awarded within 7 Days.  Keep an eye on your account for your payment!

ENDS Monday JULY 26, 2010


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  1. aabid permalink

    so i just save make a list in notepad, save it and upload in email?

    • Yes, or you can simply jot down your list of eleven tips in the email itself.

      We just want to be able to copy/paste your lists into a bigger list that will be published for everyone to enjoy!

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