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Aeria Games Essay and Review Contest!

July 12, 2010

If you are reading this, you must have seen it announced on the Spread Aeria Team Facebook discussion!  Why not learn a little more on how you can get 200 Free AP, plus another 1,000 Free AP if your submission is selected as the winner!


  • Submission window closes JULY 26, 2010
  • Announcement of winners JULY 28, 2010

Essay: Write in 500-1,000 words what is it about Aeria Games that makes us the greatest place for free to play mmo, mmorpg, rts, and fps games.

  1. Must include the phrase “free mmorpg” (without quotation marks) at least 3 times: at the top, middle, and bottom sections of your essay. (or other places that are appropriate)
  2. Must be based on Aeria Games and provide an interesting and well-written overview of our company, games, service, and anything else that makes you proud of being an Aeria member.
  3. Must not directly insult or discredit rival gaming portal companies or any of their games.
  4. Must not contain information referring to cheating, hacking or power leveling schemes.
Review: Write in 500-1,000 words about one of our games that you like and would like to share with others.  It can be about any one of our presently available games.

  1. Must include the phrase “free mmorpg” (without quotation marks) somewhere at the top and bottom sections of your review (or where appropriate).
  2. Must be based on one of our currently available games – please do not write about Project Torque, Turf Battles and other discontinued games.
  3. Must provide a general game overview of the game’s theme and style and other points that make it unique and worth playing.
  4. Must not include information about cheating, hacking, in-game loopholes or other malicious gaming behavior.

Important Points:

  • Only one submission allowed per member!  You must submit either an essay OR an Aeria game review*
  • Everyone who submits an essay or review will qualify to receive 200 Free AP.
  • All essays and reviews must be written anew as of this announcement – past writings that have been posted on the web will not count.
  • Only one winner will be selected for a prize of 1,000 Free AP in the categories of essay and review – essay prize winners will not be eligible to receive the game review prize, and vice-versa.
  • ALL submissions must be made via email to
  • There is not limitations on writing style or graphics used in your submissions, but they must be submitted as text (Notepad), or Word documents.
  • AP awards will be transferred by August 5.  Please check your accounts for your Aeria Points.

*If you want to earn more free AP,you can always send a standard Spread Team submission.


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