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1-Week Limited Offer – Earn 500 Free AP!

July 2, 2010


Starts Friday, July 2, 18:00 Pacific Time

Ends Thursday, July 8, 16:00 Pacific Time

Hey there Spread Team! Buckets of AP are waiting to be awarded for your submissions for this week-long offer!

The following websites which cover games related topics could use a lesson about Aeria Games but also input from you gamers!

1. You must submit only to these sites, limit 1 post per site.
2. Make your submissions by email to
3. Please respect the rules of the sites you post on.
4. Leave a comment 20 words or more that contributes to the conversations, and mentions “free mmorpg” and “Aeria”.

Rewards: 100 free AP per post, and Max 500 Free AP!
*Please check out the posting rules as written on the Spread Aeria Blog to make sure you qualify!


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One Comment
  1. OnBvD-BoYnO permalink

    this is a good opportunity for us who do not have the power to buy ap Aeria game thanks for that facility that we give thanks aeriagame

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