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Tiered Tweets

June 30, 2010

The more Twitter followers you have, the better!

You can earn even more AP per Aeria Games related tweet by increasing the number of Twitter users who follow you!

Get 50 followers: 25AP per tweet/retweet

Get 100 followers: 50AP per tweet/retweet

Get 200 followers or more: 75AP per tweet/retweet <– this is the cap we have set

*You can only earn AP if you tweet or retweet–simply having followers will not give you any AP.

This is to provide incentive to those with low Twitter followers wanting to earn more AP, but also for people already popular on Twitter to help spread Aeria Games.

Please email to your Twitter account information so we can check your account and number of followers and put you in the appropriate AP tweeting bracket.  Please ask questions if you are unsure of what to do!

-Spread Aeria Team


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  1. Spread Team Facebook Group Message!

    Don’t let this escape you. You need 50 followers! Tough but doable! No deadline as far as I could tell!

  2. KumangToss permalink

    For those who missed it, a little while ago we released a flood of sprite gear fortune bags into the web item mall for a limited time. Since then we have heard requests to bring them here they are!

  3. Can I get some more info on this? I got 200+ followers and wanna know if there’s a limit / deadline, and what exactly I should say.

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