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2 New Blog Banners

June 28, 2010

Want to give that blog of yours a bit of Aeria Pride?  Our Aeria staff are currently working on making some banners for you to use for your Blogger Blog banners.

Check out our latest user-created mmorpg blog to see one of our banners in action!

A third is under construction – here is a snapshot:

We will soon make templates to make your very own Blogger blog dedicated to Aeria Games.

If there are any requests for other games’ banners, please leave a comment!


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  1. c0_dumai permalink
    I am not a new player for games like this. several advantages game in my view are: 1. Design a highly detailed, 2.Skill supporting each character, 3. Unique equipment, 4. A multilevel game mode, which is not less unique and more is the consumption needs of each player.
    When I started this game, I was surprised, because some of his GM’s always online to monitor players who try to cheat, and this will make little opportunity to be able to play with cheats.
    I’m sure there are still surprises from the owners of this game, so players do not get bored with the circumstances that-that’s all.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tut with me/us. It was beautifully described. Well done. Looking forward for more tuts from you!

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