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10 new tweets for 200 AP!

June 16, 2010

Spread Team Members Only: Make 10 new Aeria related tweets for 200 AP! That’s double the standard amount!

  • Ends Monday 6/21!
  • Make sure to include this URL in your tweet!
  • Must include the word “Free mmorpg” (without quotes)
  • They must be different tweets – repeated tweets or retweets will not count!
  • You must have 10 completed tweets before you can receive 200 AP

Please send your 10 tweet URLs, Twitter name and Aeria Games user account name as a comment/reply to this post.

We look forward to your submissions!


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  1. Ramazan Aktaş permalink

    10 tweets.But some of them are includes some Turkish but they are usually like this:”The free mmorpg lovers should try this” They are alos different.
    Account name is malatya4444.

  2. Ramazan Aktaş permalink

    How can i find my tweets’s links?

  3. Jordan permalink

    how do i find the URL? i can only find my main page

  4. If you click on the “# minutes ago” you will be taken to a page with your tweet and the address in the browser address bar will show your tweet’s URL. Copy/Paste that when you submit.

  5. Please be sure that you read the rules carefully before submitting or asking questions. Some members may not receive AP for tweeting because they do not have anyone following them.

    If no one is reading them, then tweeting loses its purpose. You need to have at least 5 people following you before Twitter submissions are valid.

    -Spread Aeria Team Staff

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