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How would you spread Aeria Games better?

June 11, 2010

There has been a bit of talk in recent months about how Aeria Games is ‘paying off’ their members (with AP) to spam promotional phrases and keywords all over forums, blogs, etc.

While this was never our intention, online gaming community giants like have had enough.  And we have had enough of the online community having had enough of us!…(in English) We want to help but we need the help of the online community to throw a few tips our way – ideas that can stop the finger pointing and start offer benefits to all parties.

We ask our Spread Aeria Team members to propose interesting and effective ideas!


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  1. well i think there should be more events that give you free ap and its accessible to people without any ap. also i am not sure about other games cz i only play last chaos and wolf team but the stuff you buy without ap lets say in wolf team the guns should have sales on it. like the xem wt or whatever gun on sale just like ap stuff. and in wolfteam wolf coins should be easier to get than just 10 each day and tyvm

  2. The people wanting the free AP probably don’t know WHERE to post. You can list 10 rules and regulations but you gotta realize not everyone is going to get it right the first time. Make it too simple and people spam. Make it too hard and people won’t post.

    Sites that bitch about the spammers should realize that there will be some abuse of the posts, and they have every right to ban users for undesired posts – but they should also not allow a few bad apples give a bad name to the whole barrel. Site operators themselves should have more mature admins to help rationally and diplomatically filter forum posts. They should also tone down their own gang of spammers (cough, mmohut on Y!Answers).

    • CarnageRemoved733t permalink

      @FuggDis – So you’re saying that sites are at fault for “letting” spammers get away with it, and that Aeria is incompetent in preventing spammer abuse? I don’t think spam is the key issue here.

      The issue is that the sites like onrpg are so greedy to keep visitors on their site and can’t stand the fact that there’s another place on the net that actually PROVIDES games to play and not just read about. You might call this jealousy or totalitarian. Their definition of spam is in place to protect their own interests.

      Idea: Every major site should have a forum topic dedicated to “SPAM WELCOME HERE”. That way the so-called “spam” can all funnel into that topic. It might be interesting how much and what kinds of spam will fill it up – viewers might even rush to see why such a topic has 2,000 threads in 2 hours. Companies like Aeria with posts there will have the curious masses see the company name and maybe even a link, increasing the chances of getting visitors and publicity.
      What do the site operators get? 1) A legitimate reason to ban/kick users who post spammy posts anywhere outside of the designated “SPAM WELCOME HERE” topic. 2) A drop in spam posts in discussions of value 3) Something to brag about – “onrpg has 20% more (less) spam than mmohut”, etc.

  3. Tim permalink

    I would say give the UK back project torque, it was one of the games i loved and being unable to play it has put me off…..

    along the idea area…. i would make the games more UK friendly with better connections to the servers, because alot of the time the english community lags up a storm…. also most the games relay on cash shop way to much, i know you have to make cash somehow with the games but throwing CASH SHOP in peoples faces when they start a game will make them hate it, make the games more i dunno none cash shop friendly…. that will go down a storm and i bet a pound to a penny more players will log on and enjoy the game..

    well thats my 2 cents in there, enjoy :3

  4. art permalink

    It would be better if u could buy gold on last chaos and make it where u can only buy a certain amount once a month or somthing like that or have the lower monsters drop more gold and more items like tool aid and health potions stuff people really need and make it where u can buy weapons and armor to lvl 50. Then it would be more of help and I think people would like that

  5. Lyra permalink

    Perhaps there can be a friend referral option built into the games that allow new players the option of giving credit to the person who referred them to the games.

  6. darkaries permalink

    i think the speading of our games should continue but not as long maybe just a link to a video they can watch that tells them about aeria games and the games that they offer. i mean if you leave a long blog of a 500 word telling them about it then of course the other web pages are going to get upset. your leaving links to a game that is awsome on a page where they review other games. they want you to pay for games it all about the money for them when aeria games is free. i have been with aeria games sence last chaos started and i play everyday. just leave a single link the redirects them to a different page with all the games videos and all the information they need to start playing. then the speading of aeria games would be easyer and more ppl would have the information they need to join

  7. Diva Roza permalink

    Well I think if Aeria allow the costumes in Last Chaos to be able to set in players shops or just trade them a lot of ppl will enjoy it, because let’s face it – not everyone is an AP buyer, but everyone wants to experience the game in its full.
    Currently to get a costume if you do not have AP you need to involve a GS or have a really trusted friend to send you one as a gift. I have heard of so many ppl getting scammed (give the gold and not receive the gift).
    So I do think allow all IM items to be traided. That will be good for the players and for Aeria as more IM items will be sold and resold to players for in game gold.
    I think there was a glitch few mounts back when after one patch the ROPs were allowed to be in players shops and I guess Aeria found out that more were sold and made them permanently able to be traded. So why not extend to the rest of the items? Win – win -> good for players – good for the bussiness

  8. Answer is simple but would take some work,time and need I say money,But Aeria games has the resources to do this and I’m sure the talent to pull it off

    Create your own MMORPG site,it doesn’t have to be directly affiliated with Aeria Games and the content you show on the site would have to be like all the other ‘ONRPG’s” sites out there but you could advertise your own products and when it came time for promos,you could bomb millions of emails at once!!!Aeria Games already has a massive data base of player profiles so doing something like this just makes sense

    Who needs sites like ONRPG when you could have your own and I’m sure spreading the word will never be an issue again

    You can thank me later xox

    loyal Aeria Games Fan

  9. Aeria Games COSPLAY event! Hey if the Japanese can do it, why can’t we only better! Okay, we may not have the small proportions (no generalization intended) that make Japanese characters so addicting. But you gotta hand it to them, they started the craze by making addictive comics and cartoons based on almost super human features (chest, nose, legs, muscles) and the closest thing I’ve seen that matches is in the good ol US of A. Therfore, I think we owe it them to represent with our best cosplayers sporting Aeria Games’ titles’ themes like GF, LC and TS2.

    Maybe even offer a 10,000 AP Grand Prize to the winner?

  10. Abrie Northup permalink

    This is the best i have played in long time I have always avoided these types of games and Have never thought of paying for a game but I have bought these cards so cheap 20 $ gets you 2400 points .Getting lady luck packages are like opening presents on your birthday so I get make ever day my birthday lol

  11. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas how to make Spread Aeria better! Please feel free to offer ideas whenever they spring to mind!

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