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Spread PIRATE GALAXY – Earn 200 AP!

June 10, 2010

Aeria Games introduces their newest addition to their browser game lineup, PIRATE GALAXY!

What is Pirate Galaxy? View the Video!
Pirate Galaxy is a free online browser-based Action MMO game where you can become a space pirate, live epic adventures, steal alien technology, and explore an amazingly vivid 3D universe! Pirate Galaxy is a browser based game, which means no download is required for you to start creating your Empire!

Go online and spread the word about this game and mention Aeria Games as the place to go to play!

Starts Today

Ends Sunday June 13 at Midnight!


  • Must be at least 20-30 words long posted in a discussion on a gaming forum/blog – Hint: go on google and search for “pirate galaxy” and you should find plenty of potential places to post
  • Must include the words “free mmorpg”, “Pirate Galaxy” and “Aeria Games” in your post – writing style is up to you, but do not spam
  • Submit the URL(s) of where you posted your comment, along with your posting user name and Aeria Games account name to the Spread Aeria Team Facebook Group discussion “Spread Pirate Galaxy”
  • Must obey posting rules of the site(s) where you are posting AND fulfills Spread Aeria Team’s conditions for submitting blogs or forum posts.
  • You can submit up to FOUR unique (different blogs/forums) posts for a total of 200 AP for this event – or 50 AP for each verified post
  • Make sure your URL works before you submit it – we will not award AP if your URL is broken or does not take us to your post


  1. Keep your posts on topic with the discussion that is going on in the forums/blogs.  If you suddenly blurt “Free MMORPG from Aeria Games: Pirate Galaxy, Play it now for free! Wewt! Greatest game ever! Just like Freelancer! No download, hurry here!”, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AP.  This will be labeled as spam by forum/blog owners and will likely be deleted.  Try to contribute something useful to the forums please.
  2. To help with verification, please send your submissions in groups of 2 or 4.
  3. We will check your URL to verify your posts and award AP within 1-2 weeks. Though may not be as fast as buying AP, please be assured that we keep records to make sure AP is awarded to those who earned it.

Conditions are subject to change with little or now warning.  Please check this blog often or subscribe to receive notices of updates.


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  1. velinski permalink

    its the best gamee 🙂

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