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SPREAD CAESARY! Earn up to 200 AP!

June 8, 2010

SPREAD CAESARY!Earn up to 200 AP for promoting Aeria’s new browser game CAESARY

Starts: June 8 (Tuesday)Ends: June13 (Sunday)

1) Go online and make a 20-30 word post describing Caesary on a gaming site, blog or Yahoo Answers, etc.
2) You post should mention Aeria games
3) Your post should have a visible URL or Link to the Caesary game page:
4) Your post should NOT tell people to click on the link, nor should you spam a blurb about Caesary and Aeria that is completely off topic of the forum, blog, etc.
5) All posts must be made on sites where there is ACTIVE discussion – if your post is the first and only thread, it will not count because nobody will have seen it
6) You are allowed to use other creative ways for this event, but each submission is worth the same amount of AP (see below)

Submit your URL where you made the post to the discussion “SPREAD CAESARY” on the Spread Aeria Facebook group page.  Your submission must contain the following info:
1) Aeria Games account name
2) Posting name (to identify you from other post/comments)
3) URL address starting with http:// We will review the submissions and verify the posts.

Please understand that we cannot verify deleted posts (removed by site owner) or have to log in to see your post. Please make sure anyone can see it.  Please follow the posting rules of the sites you choose to post (spam, relevancy, etc.)

To LinkedIn, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE Users – please enable your wall visible to non-friends.  If we have to be your ‘friend’ in order to see your post (wall) it will not count.

Award for each verified post is 50 AP – Max 4 posts (200 AP)You may do the max or just one or two
We will record and tally verified posts and AP awards by Sunday June 14 and award them with 7 days after.Please check your AP to verify you were awarded.  If you did not receive AP (in full or in part), then you did not fulfill the requirements for verification.

We look forward to your submissions!


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