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Earn 100 AP for a Game Review!

May 28, 2010
We will award 100 AP for Game Reviews about our games!
The blogs where we want you to post these reviews are:
For Shaiya, Last chaos and Kingdom Heroes, please use the first 3.
For other games, please use the 4th one down.
Posting of Reviews
– Must be new as of this announcement’s date
– Must be posted as a comment/reply to the blog’s main page
– Must be 100 words or more (max 500 words)
– Must include the phrase (without quotes) “Free mmorpg” towards the top of the review (Hint: can be taken care of in the first introductory sentence or two)
– Must mention Aeria Games
– Must show the game in a positive light, but please use consructive criticism and comparison when appropriate
– Must be posted on one of the four blogs above
– Must be in ENGLISH
– Must NOT include links to non-Aeria games sites*
– Must NOT include URL to Aeria’s homepage
– Must NOT include foul language or other disturbing content
– Must NOT be copy/pasted from other people’s reviews (we will check)
*If your review is too long or is located on YOUR OWN blog/website, please post a link to it  as a reply/comment and write the Review’s title.  On your own blog site, please link to the post you made on the target blog (1 of the 4 above)
– Please feel free to use any kind of writing style, but keep in mind that we are looking for informative reviews to help educate others about the game
– Of course, you can give your opinions
– Write as if you were going to submit it to IGN or other major gaming site!
– Send an email to with your Aeria user name, the posting name you used, and the URL of the blog where you submitted (must be 1 of the 4 mentioned above)
– In the case of “anonymous” we ask you to please write a name in the comment/reply text of your review and submit that name in the email so we can verify you and award AP
– We will conduct word-count checks and see if “free mmorpg” is among the text towards the top – be sure to fulfill these two basic requirements!
– The blog administrators may need to take time to publish/allow your posts but please don’t fret if you don’t see it pop up right away!
– If you see your review up on the blog, that means you earned 100AP!
If we cannot verify your submission as written in the submission email, we cannot award AP
The above conditions and AP award amounts are subject to future change without warning. Please subscribe to this Spread Aeria Blog in order to keep up on updates!
Please direct all questions to

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