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May 20, 2010
We will award 100 free AP to those who post a comment and website link to the Aeria Games homepage on their favorite  online gaming forum, answer site, news article, etc.
This CANNOT be the Aeria Games website’s forum or Shout Box.
This CANNOT be Twitter. We already have a way to earn AP for Tweets
This CANNOT be Facebook, MySpace.  LinkedIn is OK.
Your posts must include the following (without quotation marks):
2) A sentence or two in your posts – make sure they are on the forum’s topic or they may get deleted (and we can’t verify)
3) If possible, make ‘‘ click-able
4) Up to 5 posts, for max of 500 AP possible
5) Must be 5 different locations on the web – cannot be replies to the same thread in the same forum discussion
You must submit your post to the Spread Aeria Team on Facebook’s discussion “SPREAD AERIA 72”
1) You must include your Aeria user name
2) You must include the URL address where you made your post
3) You must include the post name you used so that we can tell you apart from other people
* If your post is removed by forum’s owners before we can verify it, it will not count
* Do not spam – you must write something useful in addition to “free mmorpg”
Start: TODAY, 12:00 noon (US-Pacific Time)
Finished: May 22, 2010 (Saturday), 12:00

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  1. Would you kindly make your submissions to the Spread Aeria Team discussion on Facebook please? Here is the address:

  2. cAt0rzE permalink

    this would be fun..

  3. Aeria gots the best games i’ve played in a long time. you’vegot to be out of or mind if you dont spread this game sit. im really glad i stumbled across the sit i play it every day.

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