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May 11, 2010

Hi Everyone! We would like to show the world how much people like our Facebook Fanpage!

1. Please visit the Aeria Games Facebook Fan Page and click “Like” near the top of the screen.
The page address is here:!/aeria?ref=ts

2. Send your Aeria Games accounts info to the discussion “I LIKE AERIA CAMPAIGN” (on the Spread Team Facebook Group).

Award: 100 AP!

We must be able to confirm your Facebook Username on our Fan page’s “### People Like This” in order to qualify. If you already “Like”-ed in the past, it will not count.
You must include your valid Aeria Games account info in order for us to award AP.

Earn a MAX 500 AP!
Ask your friends to “Like” the Aeria Games fan page as well! When you post your submission on the “I LIKE AERIA” discussion, include up to 4 unique friends’ Facebook usernames who have also clicked “Like”. (If your friends have already “Like”-ed the fan page, you will not receive AP)

Starts: NOW
Ends: Sunday, May 16 at midnight

By the end of this campaign, we want to have 20,000+ people who “Like” Aeria Games! Don’t miss out on the chance to earn AP just for liking Aeria Games!


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