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HELP: Blogs

April 19, 2010
In response to a few inquiries related to Blog submissions, we have prepared the following:
Blog Title Keywords – Blog Topics and Titles must contain at least one keyword for example “Twelve Sky 2 – My Free MMORPG journey”. Blog posts need a good mix of keywords in the content to give relevancy to the blog post title and blog site’s title. So you would include something like, “This week, I did a review of the Aeria free mmorpg Twelve Sky 2.” Then you can talk about whatever you want.
*Granted, all your blog posts may not be “reviews” but if you can use the keywords creatively, each and every post should point out that Twelve Sky 2 is an Aeria game, a free mmorpg, as well as hyper-links to where people can check it out.
To clarify, putting keywords like “Free to Play MMORPG 12Sky2 at Aeria” may seem a bit lame and you are free to choose your Blog Site’s name. The blog post titles themselves are however subjected to the keyword requirement explained above.
Keywords in blog 5-10 times – We’d like Team members to construct their blogs so that text content whether it’s page titles, link text, blog posts and so on, to use the keywords. If you have a blog dedicated to Twelve Sky 2, you’ll definitely have the keyword “Twelve Sky 2” appear many times. You’ll also probably use mmorpg, free to play, and others irregularly throughout the blog site. You don’t need to litter your posts with keywords 5-10 times as that could be annoying to readers and kind of a pain for you as well.
We believe that just be writing an Aeria Games game-related blog would naturally include our required keywords due to the nature of our games and company.
New Blog Posts/Updates used as submissions – New blog topics/posts are fair game for submissions, however we do look at post frequency and content quality. If someone tries to submit 10 blog posts (using their sole blog site as the base) with spammy one-sentence posts everyday, it’s not interesting nor is it adding value to you blog as a whole (and we’ll send a cautionary email qualifying/disqualifying them).
If you want to keep an online diary of your online gaming, a good 1-2 paragraph overview of your play session with a few keywords would suffice. You can make your blog posts as long as you want as it is after all YOUR blog.
The measures we provide in our guidelines can help both Aeria Games as well as blog creators improve the quality of their own blogs in the future.

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