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Spread Aeria Team Closed | Until later

Hello all SAT members!

The past year, you have been a great help in spreading Aeria’s name to gamers all over the world.  We have awarded over 400,000 AP!

Unfortunately, some good things come to an end and it is saddening that we announce the shut down of this Spread Aeria Team until further notice.

“Spread Aeria” promotions/events that are posted on the SAT Facebook Group and Aeria Games official forums may pop up in the future, but please make sure to confirm who is offering the event and try not to get scammed.  Ideally, a GS or a GM is the kind of person to trust, but make sure they’re legit!  As far as the submission types described on this blog, they will no longer be valid. Hopefully, when someone fires up the SAT in the future, there will be an update here, Facebook and Twitter!

The last day you can make submissions is March 16, 2011 at 19:00 PST.

  • AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days
  • Submissions made after this date will not be awarded AP
  • This blog will discontinue its regular updates after March 18, 2011

Visit us back in the future for updates on a revival of SAT and ways you can help make Aeria Games the most famous free-to-play online games publisher in the world! — and pocket some free AP while you’re at it!–

Until then, we hope that you had fun and wish you the best!


Online submission form password change

The Login information for the Spread Aeria Team Online Submission Form has changed. Please note:

Username:  SAT123

Password: GodsFTW

Also: you can only submit your SAT activities on this form.  You cannot modify it.  Only SAT submissions received via the SAT submission form will be accepted for AP awards potential.

Spread Shaiya! | Shaiya Hubs

It is well known that Shaiya has one of the biggest fan communities in the free mmorpg spectrum!  As such, we’d like to offer you Spread Aeria Team members who play Shaiya a chance for a little extra AP to use on the next spender event, or use for Aeria’s other games.

Event: “Shaiya Hubs”

Go to hubpages and create a new hub based on Shaiya.  Add links that lead to the Shaiya homepage using the appropriate link from our “Links to Use” page.

  • You can write up about anything Shaiya related you want EXCEPT about how to hack Shaiya, play on private servers, or buy gold from third-party sites (against Aeria’s TOS).
  • You must write at least 500 words, but for you Shaiya fans, that should be no problem.  If you repeat your words over and over just to get the limit, you will not receive AP.
  • You must include screenshots or images offered on the Shaiya homepage, or you can draw and create your own fan art.
  • You are limited to 10 Shaiya hub pages, but they must each be unique! (hint: make one for newbs, one for a particular quest, etc., etc.)
  • Optional: You should also add a link to the Shaiya Facebook page, which is just starting over and needs your support!  Help them out and use this link:

Make your submission on the online submission form

  • Make sure you choose the correct “Event Name” (“Shaiya Hubs”) and input the “Link Used” (SYA).
  • Be sure you input your hub’s URL and your Aeria username.
  • *For “Post name”, please type the name of your Hubpage page!

You’ll get 100 AP for a Shaiya Hubpage that has good content, the links we request above, and for filling out the submission form correctly.

This event ends March 27 (Sunday), 2011 at 10:00 PM PST

AP will be awarded within 7-10 business days.

Hopefully, a good turnout will result in MORE events like this for other games.  Please leave a comment if you want this event to apply for a different Aeria Game!

We reserve the right to modify any portion of this event or cancel it at any time.

Wolf Team: Man with the Golden Gun

Do you have a golden DE, AKEI or other firearm in your WolfTeam arsenal?  Why not go on Facebook and share a screenshot of you in action with your bling-bling boom-stick for some free AP?

If your screenshot gets the most “Likes” (votes), you could win 500 AP!

  • That’s enough to buy a shiny gold XEM-8 OPS GL or 3 (plus change)!

All participants that get at least 3 “Likes” will receive 50 AP

  • Buy yourself a Gold Box featuring a set of golden guns!…or a special ‘nade for your clan buddy who didn’t vote for you! =)

You’ll need:

  • A golden gun (you might have gotten one as a gift, or bought one from the item mall)
  • A Facebook account (if you’re not on Facebook, signing up is free and easy to do)


  • After getting a kill with your golden gun, immediately take a screenshot showing your IGN (and obviously who you killed) showing up in the kill log.  Your gold weapon must be visible in the screenshot.
  • Post your screenshot to the Aeria Games Facebook Fan Page Wall (Make sure you are a fan!)
  • Include the following text when you post the screenshot to Facebook: “WT Man w/Golden Gun” and your WT IGN. (You can write more, if you like!)
  • “Like” your screenshot.  If you have Facebook friends, be sure to share your screenshot with them too!
  • Be sure to visit the WolfTeam Facebook Page too, and “Like” it!
  • Login to Aeria Games and send a private message to username “themaxxilor” with the subject “WT Golden Gun”

In the message body, please provide:

  • Your WT in-game-name (IGN)
  • Your Facebook username (used only to verify your screenshot submission)
  • Date/Time you took the screenshot (mm/dd/yyyy, 00:00)

Starts: Right Now

Deadline: February 28, 2011, 9PM PST
After verifying your submission and votes, you’ll be awarded AP within 7-10 business days of the deadline (or sooner!)

We reserve the right to make changes to this event as needed anytime.

SAT Gets Social

Hey there!

By now, many of you have noticed that SAT is starting to push into the social sphere of the Internet for helping spread Aeria Games.

We would like our members to get more social about SAT submissions, which means getting involved in the discussions related to the top trending topics.

AP awards are a bit higher for this so if you want to learn more, check out the guidelines.

Great Example of SAT: Squidoo

Have you every heard of Squidoo?

Squidoo is basically an easy-to-use site for making a specialty webpage for almost anything you can think of.  It costs nothing and is a fun creation process that is a great opportunity for people who may not know how to make a webpage.  Best of all, it gives you a good way to make your own content with no coding know-how whatsoever and takes very little time to get started.

For instance, we found this Squidoo Lens that talks about Wolfteam (a “Lens” is Squidoo’s term for a Squidoo web page):

Newbie’s Guide to Aeria’s Wolfteam

While it is not perfect, it demonstrates how a completely novice webmaster can make a simply yet informative web page.

What do you think? Would you like to earn AP for making targeted Lenses like this?

Please comment with your thoughts, or send an email to with your ideas!

We experimented with Squidoo Lens creation for SAT last year, but lack of participation and spam caused us to drop it from submission types.  Also, since we reshuffled the SAT, many of our newest members may not be familiar with it.

Spread Aeria Sig Team

New easy way to earn a little extra Free AP!
8/10 slots remaining

Aim: To increase awareness of Aeria’s Facebook Fan Page among Aeria Games members and grow our social community even more!

Example of the Signature you will be asked to use (DokterLekter’s post:

All you need to do is add a specially made signature to your current Aeria Games account and post comments, replies and new topics on the Aeria Games forums! AP awards are based on the number of posts made! You can earn as little or as much AP as you want! The process is fast and simple!*
*subject to certain guidelines and policies to be explained when you apply to the team and are accepted

To apply, please Login to Aeria Games’s website and send a private message to “themaxxilor” (message subject should be: “SAT Sigs”) with the following info:

    ► Your in-game name (IGN)
    Aeria Game that you play most
    ► Your clan name if any
    ► Your favorite quote, or slogan.
    ► Choice of color: Blue, Red, Green, Black or Orange

You will be contacted within 2-3 business days with more info.
WE look forward to your applications!

Example of immediately available colors:






IF you have a special color preference, please don’t hesitate to ask!  We’ll accept up to TWO primary colors (yellow, cream and whites are not ideal, but doable)!   As for the text, we will fill in the necessary fields on our end, but please try to choose short phrases or text that will fit easily into the sig!